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At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central AZ, our members will remain academically engaged throughout the summer with our intentional programs surrounding learning loss and enrichment. Not only will our summer program be filled with many day camp activities packed with fun, but our Clubs will ensure there is time for learning and reflecting. All our programs, including academics separate our members into three age groups to ensure programs are age appropriate. Each age group will have activities centered around their education levels as well as any development levels that may have been shared by parents. Through the Khan Academy curriculum, we will be conducting activities centered around mathematics, science, language arts. In additional support, our other program sectors will have assessed learning modules built in. For example, the physics of basketball, measurements and statistics in fitness, calories in healthy eating, and language arts in the performing arts. We plan to allot time each day specifically on academics and how the lessons we learn at school can be transformed into amazing summer day camp programs. With a two-fold approach of direct academic studies as well as the integrating academics into our other programs, our Clubs will be able to reduce learning loss and prepare all our members for the next grade of school.

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7:30 am - 5:30 pm

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